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Pipe Clamps and Accessories

Chilled Water Clamp AKS


Suitable for secure prevention of condensation at the pipe support location of chilled-water and cold-water pipelines as well as insulation clamp for heating systems.
Suitable for soundproof installation according to DIN 4109.

Scope of delivery

Consisting of pipe clamp and insulation insert.


Enclose the insulation insert around the pipe, remove the protective paper strip on both sides of the insert and merge the longitudinal seam. Fix the pipe clamp in the centre of the plastic spacers. Lag the pipe insulation to each end of the insulation insert.

For horizontal installations to a wall-face, the plastic spacers on the insulation insert have to coincide with the pipe clamp flanges positioned over and under the pipe. Support distances see Installation Guidelines, chapter "Pipe support".

Technical Data

Pipe clamp:
Steel, electro-galvanised
Elastomer foam
Elastomer foam:
Length b:
80 mm
Thermal conductivity:
λ ≤ 0,038 W/(mK) at 0°C
Steam diffusion resistance factor:
µ ≥ 7.000
Material class:
BL -s3, d0 (in overall system of identical Elastomer foam)
Temperature range:
0°C up to +110°C
Storage conditions:
In dry, clean rooms with humidity 50 - 70% and room temperature 0 - 35°C
TypePipe ø
D [mm]
S [mm]
AKS 13-1010,06913M8/M100,0750 113429
AKS 13-1212,07613M8/M100,0850 113430
AKS 13-1515,07613M8/M100,0850 113431
AKS 13-1818,07613M8/M100,0850 113432
AKS 13-2222,09213M8/M100,0950 113433
AKS 13-2525,09213M8/M100,0950 113434
AKS 13-2828,09913M8/M100,1050 113435
AKS 13-3030,09913M8/M100,1050 113436
AKS 13-3535,010513M8/M100,1150 113437
AKS 13-4242,011213M8/M100,1230 113438
AKS 13-4848,312513M8/M100,1830 113439
AKS 13-5454,012513M8/M100,1830 113440
AKS 13-6060,313413M8/M100,2030 113441
AKS 19-1010,09219M8/M100,0950 113446
AKS 19-1212,09219M8/M100,1050 113447
AKS 19-1515,09919M8/M100,1150 113448
AKS 19-1818,09919M8/M100,1050 113449
AKS 19-2222,010519M8/M100,1150 113450
AKS 19-2525,010519M8/M100,1250 113451
AKS 19-2828,011219M8/M100,1250 113452
AKS 19-3030,011219M8/M100,1250 113453
AKS 19-3535,012519M8/M100,1840 113454
AKS 19-4242,012519M8/M100,2030 113455
AKS 19-4848,313419M8/M100,2130 113456
AKS 19-5454,014119M8/M100,2230 113457
AKS 19-6060,314719M8/M100,2420 113458
AKS 25-1010,010525M8/M100,1225 113463
AKS 25-1212,010525M8/M100,1325 113464
AKS 25-1515,010525M8/M100,1325 113465
AKS 25-1818,011225M8/M100,1325 113466
AKS 25-2222,011225M8/M100,1425 113467
AKS 25-2525,012525M8/M100,2030 113468
AKS 25-2828,012525M8/M100,2030 113469
AKS 25-3030,012525M8/M100,2030 113470
AKS 25-3535,013425M8/M100,2130 113471
AKS 25-4242,014125M8/M100,2520 113472
AKS 25-4848,314725M8/M100,2620 113473
AKS 25-5454,015125M8/M100,2720 113474
AKS 25-6060,316025M8/M100,3020 113475