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The TCS F Beam Clamp is a solid element designed for connecting pipes, ducts and other equipment to steel sections (UB, UC, PFC sections). A self-locking mechanism allows positioning by using one hand. The TCS F Beam Clamp can be used both for single drop rods and, in pairs, for trapezes.


Place the beam clamp around the flange and push the two components together. Pass the threaded rod through the beam clamp and tighten both nuts (tightening torque 10 Nm).

Follow the assembly instructions!
For FM systems, M10 only!

Technical Data

The nominal loads stated below apply to new beam clamps in combination with un-damaged beam flanges.

Nominal load:
3.5 kN
high-tensile steel, zinc-plated

Approvals / Conformity

The TCS F Beam Clamp is compliant with VdS and FM regulations for Fire Sprinkler Systems. VdS approval G418017

VdS - Beam Clamp TCS F (VdS/FM) - G418017 PDF | 332.4 KB FM - Beam Clamps TCS PDF | 239.9 KB

TypeConnectionClamping range on
parallel flange
TCS F VdS/FMø 10,5300,1250 116488