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Resin Anchor Rod VMU-A


Anchor Rod for put-before mounting to be used with Injection Systems VMU plus, VME plus and VMH. For anchoring in concrete tensile pressure zones or in brickwork. Due to the variable anchoring depth the effective embedment depth can be adjusted to the requested load. Suitable for attaching pipelines, channels, brackets, etc. in closed rooms - except for damp locations (stainless steel version available on request).

  • No special drill required
  • Heavy loads
  • Small edge and centre distance
  • Approved for use under seismic action according to the performance category C1

Scope of delivery

Pre-assembled with washer and hexagon nut.


Drill hole according to min. setting depth vertically to the surface.
Careful cleaning of drill hole with Steel brush and Blow-Out Pump.
Screw Mixing Nozzle onto the cartridge; foreshots to be removed and fill 2/3 of drill hole with resin starting from botton of the hole.
Drive the anchor manually into plastered borehole up to its embedment mark.
When reaching the embedment mark, plaster must be apparent.
Respect hardening time, when tighten the anchor with instructed torque.

Image 2: hef + tfix = usable length of the threaded rod (without nut and washer)

Detailed assembly instruction is attached to the product.

Technical Data

Detailed technical information see respective injection systems.

Steel, galvanised

Approvals / Conformity

Sikla Approval ETA-15/0270, ETA-17/0307
Approval ETA 17/0716, 19/0483

Injection System VMU plus - ETA 15/0270 PDF | 5.1 MB Injection System VMU plus - ETA 17/0307 PDF | 10.7 MB

1) Delivery date on request - goods are procured on an order-related basis.

TypeUsable length in concrete
VMU-A 8 x 110 1)1000,0510 110444
VMU-A 8 x 145 1)1350,0610 110445
VMU-A 10 x 1301200,0910 110447
VMU-A 10 x 1501400,1010 110448
VMU-A 12 x 1201050,1410 110449
VMU-A 12 x 1551400,1410 110450
VMU-A 16 x 160 1)1400,2710 110451