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Injection System VMH - Resin


The Sikla Injection System VMH is a universal chemical fastening for use in uncoated FD/FDE concrete surfaces in LAU systems. The Resin Anchor Rod VMU-A A4 is used for anchoring in WHG surfaces. It can also be used for cracked and non-cracked concrete for anchoring the highest loads. The Resin Anchor Rod VMU-A or a commercially available threaded rod with proof of strength (acceptance certificate 3.1) is used as an anchoring element for this purpose. By means of the dispenser gun the components are injected through the mixer nozzle into the drill hole or with perforated brick into the perforated sleeve. This ensures that the anchoring element is securely anchored to the substrate. The VMH enables fastenings that are repeatedly exposed to high temperatures (+160°C) thanks to high short-term temperatures.
The VMH is approved for use under seismic action according to the performance categories C1 and C2.

Scope of delivery

One cartridge is delivered with two Mixing Nozzle ANT VM-X HP.


Drill hole and clean with blow-out pump.
For several drills, first prepare the drill holes to avoid interruptions while injecting the mortar.
Inject the adhesive.
Immediately insert (screw in with spiral rotation) the Resin Anchor Rod.

Opened cartridges can be re-used with a new Mixing Nozzle.

Technical Data

Hybrid injection cartridge, styrene-free

Approvals / Conformity

Approval ETA 17/0716
VdS-compliant for all sizes

VMH 280-M280 ml0,561 805227
Statikmischer ANT VM-X HP0,011 804293