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Slide Set GS H3G ss


Heavy-duty Slide Set for plant construction.
To be used preferably in combination with Sikla Pipe Clamps Stabil D-3G ss. Various connection options of the pipe clamps depending on the respecitve load: M12, M16 or with 1/2" adapters using the external thread
(see Adapter AD f/f ss).
Especially suitable for ceiling and floor mounting solutions and as a guide for rising pipes. For wall mounting, we recommend the use of the Slide Set on Sikla Support Brackets. When mounting the Slide Set directly to a wall, the reduced permissible loads of the anchors are to be taken into consideration.
Sound absorption by means of slide rails with glass fibre reinforced polyamide.


For pipes of NB 100 or larger having to be spaced at a distance from the Slide Set, or under conditions of reversed bending stress, the 3G triple thread nuts are to be secured by screwing on a 1/2" stainless steel Locking Nut.

Technical Data

Permissible loads for ceiling mounting:
5.0 kN
Permissible load for floor mounting:
9.0 kN
Permissible bending moment for wall mounting* for H3G2:
350 Nm
Lever arm Lmax :
250 mm
Max. sliding distance:
100 mm
135 mm
Temperature range:
130°C (permanent exposure)
Static friction coefficient µ0 :
Sliding friction coefficient µ:

Metal components and slide rails:
Stainless steel A4

* Permissible bending moment of the connecting element (threaded rod or threaded tube) may restrict the application!

H3G21,4310 170125
H3G1,1010 170143