Pipe Clamps and Accessories

Chilled Water Clamp LKS 13


Suitable for secure prevention of condensation water at the pipe support location of refrigeration and cold-water pipelines. An optimal diffusion-tight connection with the pipe insulation is easily and safely achieved by fixing usual insulation materials to the clamp faces using adhesive. Recommended up to -0°C at normal ambient condition.

Scope of delivery

Consisting of pipe clamp and insulation insert. The one-piece insulation insert comprising two joined PUR elements forms a comprehensive connection between PUR element and pipe clamp all around the pipe.
The outer edges of the PUR elements are equipped with elastomer foam and coated by a black aluminium foil.

Nominal thickness of
the insulation [mm]
Length of PUR element
b [mm]
LKS 13
15 - 89
102 - 168

Technical Data

The unsupported lengths as listed in DIN 1988 may be applied for types LKS 13 and LKS M 19 to 168.

The regulations of DIN 4140 have to be respected (an existing gap has to be sealed with sealant). Sealant DP 30/45 see Chapter "Fixed Point Packages".

Clamp material:
Steel, electro-galvanised
Insulation insert:
Free of halogens
PUR core:
Specific gravity 80 or 120 kg/m3
Thermal conductivity:
λ = 0.024 - 0.026 W/(mK) at 0°C
λ = 0.038 W/(mK) at 10°C
λ = 0.040 W/(mK) at 40°C
Steam diffusion resistance factor:
µ ≥ 7000
Fire resistance:
B2 (DIN 4102)
Temperature range:
-40°C up to +105°C
Insulation insert:
Up to 18 dB(A)
Storage temperature:
≥ 10°C
Storage period:
1 year

* = Delivery time: 10 workdays

TypePipe ø
D [mm]
S [mm]
LKS 13-1515,076,013,0M8/M100,0748 114693
LKS 13-16 *16,076,013,0M8/M100,0748 114694
LKS 13-1818,076,013,0M8/M100,0748 114695
LKS 13-20 *20,076,013,0M8/M100,0836 114696
LKS 13-2222,091,513,0M8/M100,0836 114697
LKS 13-2525,091,513,0M8/M100,0830 114698
LKS 13-26 *26,091,513,0M8/M100,0830 114699
LKS 13-2828,099,013,5M8/M100,0930 114700
LKS 13-3030,099,013,5M8/M100,0930 114701
LKS 13-32 *32,099,013,5M8/M100,0930 114702
LKS 13-3535,0105,013,5M8/M100,0930 114703
LKS 13-3838,0105,014,0M8/M100,1030 114704
LKS 13-40 *40,0112,014,0M8/M100,1030 114706
LKS 13-4242,0112,014,0M8/M100,1024 114707
LKS 13-4444,5112,014,0M8/M100,1724 114708
LKS 13-4848,3125,014,0M8/M100,1724 114709
LKS 13-50 *50,0134,014,0M8/M100,1824 114710
LKS 13-5454,0134,014,0M8/M100,1924 114711
LKS 13-5757,0134,015,0M8/M100,1924 114712
LKS 13-6060,3141,015,0M8/M100,2024 114713
LKS 13-6464,0141,015,0M8/M100,2018 114715
LKS 13-7070,0146,515,0M8/M100,2118 114716
LKS 13-7676,1151,015,0M8/M100,2218 114717
LKS 13-8080,0159,515,0M8/M100,2318 114718
LKS 13-8988,9173,015,0M8/M100,2918 114719
LKS 13-102101,6186,015,5M8/M100,326 114720
LKS 13-108108,0193,015,5M8/M100,346 114721
LKS 13-110 *110,0193,015,5M8/M100,346 114722
LKS 13-114114,3193,015,5M8/M100,356 114724
LKS 13-125 *125,0215,016,0M8/M100,376 114725
LKS 13-133133,0215,016,0M8/M100,396 114726
LKS 13-139139,7243,016,0M12/M16/1/2"1,026 114727
LKS 13-160159,0265,016,0M12/M16/1/2"1,176 114728
LKS 13-168168,3276,016,0M12/M16/1/2"1,226 114729