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Fixings and Fastenings

Expanding Mandrel ANT MSH


Setting tool for Drive Plug equipped with check mark. The Expanding Mandrel with hand shield is set on top of the anchor sleeve and creates a visible mark, confirming the correct assembly.

Technical Data

Steel, electrogalvanised

1) Delivery date on request - goods are procured on an order-related basis.

TypeFor Drop-In AnchorW
M8 x 25M8 x 250,421 117514
M8 x 30M8 x 300,421 111834
M8 x 40M8 x 400,381 111835
M10 x 25M10 x 250,501 117515
M10 x 30M10 x 300,501 111836
M10 x 40M10 x 400,451 111837
M12 x 25 1)M12 x 250,451 117516
M12 x 50M12 x 500,471 111838
M16 x 65M16 x 650,501 111839