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Sound Absorption Products

Sound Absorber SDE 2-SBV/SBZ


Universal sound absorption element for heavy loads. Particularly suitable for soundproof installation

  • of sound-insulated fixed points
  • of devices in the fields of ventilation and air conditioning.

Can be fixed either directly to building components by means of an M16 heavy duty anchor or to steel structures. It is also possible to mount the Sound Absorber onto Sikla Channels (recommended from size 41/41 onwards), or to insulate complete channel structures from the building structure.
The element is also suitable as joint fixing for channels on angular ceilings, walls and floors.

Scope of delivery

Both types (SBV or SBZ) consist of identical components; the joint bracket, which is to be connected with the support system is pre-assembled by means of an M10 hexagon bolt and safety nut; the position of this bracket determines the type.


For soundproof fixed points, the use of Sikla Stabil Pipe Clamps is recommended. Installation can be made either as
a) single point connection (centric on the 3G nut of a Stabil D-3G) or as
b) two point connection (on both sides of a Stabil D)

Technical Data

Working load (under tension
or pressure for all directions in the plane
of rotation):
Max. 10 kN
Sound absorption value:
Up to 15 dB(A)

Lateral forces require additional support.
Dimensioning of the anchor and of further joining elements may restrict the application.

Connection to building
Connection to
Spring constant
SDE 2 - SBV ø 16.5 ø 17.0 3.5
SDE 2 - SBZ ø 16.5 ø 17.0 3.5

Metal Body:
Welded steel, electro-galvanised
Sound absorption insert:
PUR (foamed), RG 650 kg/m3
Temperature range:
-30 up to +100°C

SDE 2 - SBV1,0010 161406
SDE 2 - SBZ0,9910 161062