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Sound Absorption Products

Sound Absorber SDE 2-FP 1


Universal sound absorption element for heavy loads. Particularly suitable for soundproof installation according to DIN 4109

  • of single point connections to threaded tubes up to 1"
  • as a base for soundproof fixed points

Can be fixed either directly to building components by means of two M16 heavy duty anchors or to steel structures, or onto Sikla Channels (recommended from size 41/45).

Scope of delivery

The joint bracket, which is to be connected with the support system, is pre-assembled with two identical base components using two M10 hexagon bolts and safety nuts.


For soundproof single point installations and for fixed points we recommend to connect the SDE 2-FP 1 to the centric thread connection of the Stabil D-3G.
When using the 1" thread of the clamp, a 1" Locking Nut has to be used.

Technical Data

Sound absorption value:
Up to 15 dB(A)

Connection to building
Connection to
[female thread]
SDE 2 - FP 1 ø 16.5 1"

Working load (tension or pressure):

+/- Fx [kN]
Fy [kN]
+/- Fz [kN]
SDE 2 - FP 1 20.0 - 20.0

Lateral forces require additional support
Dimensioning of the anchor and of further joining elements has to be taken into consideration.
In fixed point constructions as shown in the picture below, the fixed point force is limited by the permissible bending moment of the threaded tube. (For load chart see "Installation Guideline").

Metal Body:
Welded steel, electro-galvanised finish
Sound absorption insert:
PUR (foamed), RG 650 kg/m3
Temperature range:
-30 up to +100°C
SDE 2 - FP 12,0210 161071