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siFramo 100

Beam Section Holder TPH F 100


Interface element to connect 90° intersecting Beam Sections F100. Alternatively the Beam Section Holder TPH may be used to connect only one beam section to an even surface with suitable wall anchors or with cast-in channel accessories.


Connecting one Beam Section F100 90° to another one by using 6 x Self Forming Screw FLS applied through all elongated holes. Connecting to any other surface or member by using 2 x Self Forming Screws FLS through the two elongated holes on the top of the Beam Section Holder TPH F100 plus 2 appropriate fixing elements up to M12 through the two holes “d1”.

Technical Data

L x b x s
ø d1
Elongated hole LL1
d x a [mm]
Elongated hole LL2
d x a [mm]
TPH F 100 C 219 x 100 x 4 14 11 x 20 11 x 20
TPH F 100/80 C 199 x 100 x 4 14 11 x 20 11 x 20

Fx [kN]
Fy [kN]
Fz [kN]
My [kNm]
Mz [kNm]
TPH F 100 C 6.2 12.7 12.3 0.6 0.5
TPH F 100/80 C 6.2 12.7 12.3 0.6 0.5

The specified load values are permissible loads and contain the partial safety factors γM2 = 1,25 (DIN EN 1993-1-8:2010-12, chart 2.1) and γG = 1,35 (DIN EN 1990:2010-12, chart A1.2(B)) for permanent actions.

Steel, HCP

Approvals / Conformity

TPH F 100 C1,210 113084
TPH F 100/80 C1,010 113085