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Structural Elements 100

Wall Adapter Plate TWA


The wall adapter plate serves as a base plate for the connection of a steel beam of the Simotec beam systems 100 and 120 to a concrete wall.

Scope of delivery

The connection parts set TWAV (Part number 803572) must be ordered separately and consists of the following components in a polybag:
4 x Beam Clip SPA 5P AU M12 HCP
4 x Countersunk Screw SK M12 x 70 ISO 10642 10.9 HCP
4 x Hexagon Nut NT M12 DIN 934 GLT HCP
4 x Washer US 12/125 140 HV HCP


The four countersunk screws of the connecting parts set are inserted into the countersunk holes.The panel is then attached to the steel beam by beam clips, washer and nuts (included in the connecting parts set) to the steel beam. The wall adapter plate is then fixed to the concrete wall with four anchors. The anchors must be ordered separately and selected depending on the substrate.

Technical Data

Dimension of Base Plate
L x B x t
Connection to
flange width
Tightening torque
MA [Nm] /
plus 90° revolution
Shear force load capacity
Fx + Fz per Set

TWA 280 x 280 x 12 100/120 60/90° 12.0 1)  2) 

The specified data relate to the worst case with flange thicknesses 30 mm (M12) as well as a coefficient of static friction µadhesion = 0.20. A possibly operating tensile force Fz isn't included.
Please consider max loads of anchors

Steel, HCP
TWA6,91 803571
TWAV1,01 803572