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Rod Hangers

Beam Connection LKA


Connecting assembly for the direct attachment of rod hanger assemblies to beam sections with a flange width 100-310mm. The pre-welded Eye-Plate which is fastened to the siFramo80/30 section serves as a basic element for the connection of the Rod Hanger Load Chain Assembly LKV in sizes M10 up to M16 rod and Pipe Clamps type Stabil Form C LK.

Scope of delivery

One assembly set consists of:
1 Beam Section siFramo 80/30 (see length variants in table below) with pre-welded siFramo Eye-Plate HP F 80
2 U-Holders SB F 80/30-40


Connect the Beam Section siFramo 80/30 length with pre-welded siFramo Eye-Plate HP F 80 to the underside of the existing steel beam by means of the U-Holders SB F 80/30-40.
Tightening torque for the U-Holder clamps : 40 Nm
Type A: Load Chain runs crosswise to the beam
Type B: Load Chain runs longitudinally to the beam

Technical Data

Max. perm. tensile load according beam width:

100 - 199 mm
200 - 310 mm
M10 10.9 kN 10.8 kN
M12 11.5 kN 11.3 kN
M16 12.1 kN 11.9 kN

The implementation and construction requirements of the components, their design as well as their verifications and load tests were carried out following the standards VGB R 510 L part I, KTA 3205.3 and DIN EN 13480-3.

Beam width
100 - 160 300 80 30
161 - 310 440 80 30

Steel, HCP
LKA-A 100/160 M105,02 115833
LKA-A 100/160 M125,02 115834
LKA-A 100/160 M165,02 115835
LKA-A 161/300 M105,62 115836
LKA-A 161/300 M125,62 115837
LKA-A 161/300 M165,62 115838
LKA-B 100/160 M105,02 115826
LKA-B 100/160 M125,02 115827
LKA-B 100/160 M165,02 115828
LKA-B 161/300 M105,62 115829
LKA-B 161/300 M125,62 115831
LKA-B 161/300 M165,62 115832